Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Pincushion Bracelets

I saw this fantastic tutorial on how to make wrist pincushions over at My Little Mochi. I knew I had to make a few as presents for all my friends who sew.

I went to buy elastic headbands and found that the round elastic ones were only available in boring colors. I chose ‘ouchless girls reversible headwraps’ by Goody, which are flat, brightly colored elastic.

I went to my favorite fabric store in Downtown LA, Michael Levine. I found this colorful floral fabric called CelebraciĆ³n that was designed by Kathy Hall of the Museum of New Mexico, Museum of International Folk Art. Andover Fabrics printed the fabric.

I used a compass to make a circular template out of cardstock. That way I could trace out a perfect circle on my fabric before I cut it.

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myra said...

They look great! And so pretty!