Thursday, November 30, 2006

Carrie Fisher and the knit Leia wig.

An amazing artist, Donald Roller Wilson, and dear friend of Carrie Fisher commissioned me to knit a Leia wig for Carrie's birthday. I knit it out of a gorgeous brown Misti Alpaca Chunky yarn.

Carrie Fisher has a new one-woman show at the Geffen Playhouse called Wishful Drinking. The show has had great reviews. At some point in the show she wears the knit Leia wig I made for her. You can see a full sized photo of Carrie wearing it in Variety Magazine here.


maryse said...


congratulations! how fun! seeing carrie fisher actually wear it must be such a thrill for you.

anneland22 said...

Congrats!!!!!!!!that is so so cool!

Cathi said...

That's super coool!!!! May the force be with you!

Anonymous said...

this is way cool just what ive been looking for my family and I are going to Legoland in California for Halloween this year (2009) as Star Wars characters and I wanted to make my own costume well I thought I was gonna have to buy a wig well I guess not thanks to you :)