Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Wonder Woman Accessories

After I created the Leia Wig, I wanted to make more items that represented strong female role models of my childhood. I was a big fan of the Bionic Woman, but she had no iconic costume paraphernalia. Making a bionic ear was a thought, but a little obtuse, and you would not be able to wear it.

The equally best thing was to create something that was wonderfully Wonder Woman. As a young girl I had always coveted those fabulous evil deflecting gold bracelets and fancy gold crown.

And so, I present these Wonder Woman accessories, which are perfect for days when you need a little help feeling like a hero, or just want to play dress-up. They are available in my etsy store.

1 comment:

Average Jane Crafter said...

These are gorgeous! The vinyl is spectacular! You did an amazing job. I made a "CraftsterWoman" set once, and seeing these makes me wish I'd been able to do the pieces in vinyl! Love it!