Monday, November 24, 2008

Free Pattern: Top Hat for 1:6 Scale Dolls

I have been working on creating a mad hatter tea party diorama with my dolls and needed a top hat, so I made one. I am posting a pattern and instructions so you can make one too. This pattern is for personal use only.
Model: Mattel Top Model Head with Volks Neo EB Body
Outfit: Mattel
Necktie & hat: me
Teapot: Rement

Heavy card stock
White glue
Acrylic paint
Paint brush

1. Cut out all three pattern pieces and trace them onto card stock. Trace and cut out two hat brims. Test out the opening hole inside the hat brim to make sure it will fit your doll’s head. I made this hat for a doll with a ponytail, so the opening for the head is a bit large.
2. Fold the pointed pieces to 90-degree angles. The pointed pieces are used to attach the parts of the hat together.
3. Curl up the wall piece of the hat and stuff it into the hole of one brim piece. Glue the ends of this piece together and tape it closed from the inside. Glue the points at the base of the hat wall to the underside of the brim. Glue this brim down to the other brim you cut out so the points will be sandwiched and hidden between two pieces of card stock.
4. Place the top on the hat, concealing the points inside the cylinder of the wall with glue.
5. Let the glue on the hat dry. Apply several coats of acrylic paint, allowing it to dry, then embellish with a ribbon hatband.

Sunday, November 02, 2008

Great Holiday Indie Shopping around LA

Yikes! The holidays are almost here. Here is a list of great upcoming shows that handmade gifts.

Art & Pottery Market
November 7 & 8
American Museum of Ceramic Art, Pomona

Annual Art Fair
November 7-9
Creative Arts Group, Sierra Madre

Patchwork Indie Arts & Crafts Festival
November 9
Santa Ana museum district, OC

Xiem Fall Ceramic Art Fair & Studio Sale

November 14th & 15th
Pasadena, CA

Felt Club
November 16
Shrine Auditorium, LA

Holiday Staff Boutique
December 12-14
The San Gabriel Bead Company, Arcadia

Handmade Galleries

Always open, Sherman Oaks