Monday, December 10, 2007

Where to buy handmade for the holidays

Many of you may have taken the Buy Handmade pledge this year, where you pledge to purchase handmade goods for presents and ask that others do the same for you. Here is a little list of places to shop that can help you keep this promise.

a few of my favorite etsy shops:

Felt Club Vendors

Indie Fixx

Around the Los Angeles area
Creative Arts Group, Sierra Madre
Handmade Galleries LA, Sherman Oaks
Hollywood Farmer's Market, Hollywood
Eagle Rock area

Be sure to check the ads in the back of magazines for great indie finds too:
Ready Made

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Anonymous said...

Ooo! I just moved to Sherman Oaks a week ago and that Handmade store is literally about 2 blocks from my house. I'll check it out tonight!