Thursday, October 25, 2007

DIY Costume Wings Roundup

I was over at the Craftzine blog and saw this amazing video tutorial on making your own wings from Threadbanger. I remembered that I had seen a few other tutorials around the web. So here they are:
Simplicity classroom: How to Make Wings
Instructables: How to Make a Pair of Angel Wings
Squidoo: Make your own Fairy Wings, scroll down a bit
WikiHow: How to Make Fairy Wings
CDHM: How to Make Fantasy Film Fairy Wings, these are small for dolls
Craftgrrl: Fairy Wings
Angry Chicken: Fairy Items
Knitting And: Halloween Fairy Wings
Dicey Home: Fairy Wings
Family Fun: Fancy Fairy Costume
About: How to Make Fairy Wings
Sonic: Make Your Own Fairy Wings


bibliogrrl said...

Oh man, a long time ago, I found a GREAT tutorial on a goth site about how to make bat wings using wire hangars, rubber cement and fabric.

I now have 2 pair.

I should write up a tutorial for inscrutables since no one else has. hrm.

lindz said...

Hi Ansley!

Thanks so much for blogging about Threadbanger. We really appreciate it! Be sure to check our website tomorrow for our last costume - for slackers!

Thanks again,