Wednesday, March 28, 2007

First meeting of the Los Angeles Fiber Guild

The first meeting of the Los Angeles Fiber Guild is this Sunday.

We meet every first Sunday from 11am - 4pm

Milagro Charter School
1855 North Main
Los Angeles, CA 90031

There is free parking in the gated parking lot. Follow the signs to our meeting location.

We are going to be making paper:
Our first program and workshop will be papermaking. The program will consist of a short lecture and display of paper followed by an optional hands-on workshop. Quiet handwork during the meeting is allowed and encouraged! There is no charge for participation in this workshop except for materials fee. The materials fee will be $10 payable at the time of the workshop.

For those taking the workshop:
We will be making our own paper from our own junk mail! We can recycle a nuisance into something beautiful and useful. Papermaking is wet and a little messy. Please dress in old clothes or bring protective gear like an apron or smock.

Items to bring:
Old junk mail or other scrap paper - nothing with a shiny or glossy
finish on it
old panty hose
a washtub if you have one (we have several so don't buy one if you
don't have it already)
large sponge
3 or more dishtowels
terry cloth towel
rolling pin (if you have one, you can share if you don't)
your sense of adventure!

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