Monday, February 05, 2007

My Favorite Stitch Markers

I really enjoy knitting in the round and have recently discovered cables. So, I need to use stitch markers all the time. I have purchased several types of stitch markers that have not impressed me.

The first type I purchased were like these split lock markers. The ridge on them was so wide that they created ladders in my knitting.

Next I purchased some metal rings with beads dangling from them that were akin to these. They were really pretty, but I found the dangles were a bit cumbersome and only added extra weight to my project. Extra weight is a problem when you are prone to tendonitis.

Finally, after being unable to find my pile of markers, I ended up tying my scrap yarn into loops. This works perfectly for me. They are extremely inexpensive, and I can color code them for meaning. Green can mean the beginning of a round, red can mean the end of a cable etc. The only downfall to these is if you knit by touch, yarn stitch markers do not have enough texture to tell you hands to ‘do the next thing’.


Melise Gerber said...

My favorite stitch markers are ALMOST as inexpensive as the rounds of scrap yarn...but I like being able to feel them. I buy bags of jump rings at Michaels...the heaviest gauge wire I can find, and I use them. You get something like 100 in a bag for around $2, and if I lose them I am not too upset. I also really like the rubber ring stitch markers, as they have less of a tendency to shoot when you are quickly switching from one needle to the other. But the jump rings are great if you are doing something like a shawl, and need lots and lots of markers...they are lightweight, they don't get in the way of the yarn (if you are a thrower) and the price is great!

raquel said...

I like to use a straw (you cut little rings out of it). It only works with small needles.

Anonymous said...

I love the little rubber bands I get with my bags of tropical fish. They're about 3/4 of an inch in diameter.

I agree with the person who said that rigid markers tend to fly across the room and into your tea, but these sort of cling, and are easy on your needles.

Also, if you end up knitting one into your work, you can cut it off if you need to. I haven't actually done that but I visualize it happening.

I love that these are free and recycled. I seem to always have plenty and give them away to friends, but I'm sure you could buy them in an office supply in bags of 100, especially for a bigger project.


Plum Texan said...

It *is* a nice use for scrap yarn, and size/gauge are easily variable. My problem is that I personally don't care for the dangly ends.

I love Melise's idea of jump rings, as they would be pretty unobtrusive. And similar to Anon's suggestion of rubber bands, you can get a package of tiny plastic hair bands in numerous colors for less than $2. I'm using some of those on my current pre-lace project and they work great - not too wide and not too thick.

(By the way, I found you through not martha's link to this post!)

Sara said...

This is brilliant! I love clever solutions like this.

amy reads said...

I confess I enjoy the pretty beaded ones I buy off of ebay. They make knitting more decadent!

Martha (who found your blog through Not Martha) said...

Those are my favorite stitch markers too. I always have scrap yarn around, and probably even have some in my pocket right now. I don't even own any other stitch markers, and don't plan on owning any when these work so well. I understand the concern about the dangly ends--just make the loop small and cut the ends pretty short, and slip yarn marker between needles. I did knit my yarn marker accidentally once!