Friday, January 12, 2007

Solid Perfume

I really enjoy the smell of essential oils. My two particular favorites right now, which my acupuncturist first used on me, are Geranium and Neroli. I like to wear them as perfume, but because they are not created to be a perfume, they evaporate very quickly leaving me scentless. I have been mixing them with vitamin e oil when I wear them, which helps them last the day. Unfortunately, oily wrists and neck are not so good for the clothes. Luckily, Instructables came up with this tutorial on making solid perfume. It is basicly the same as making lip balm which I wrote about here.


women-perfume said...

The history of perfume goes back to Egypt, although it was prevalent in East Asia as well. Early perfumes were based on incense, not chemicals, so aromas were passed

around through fumes. The Roman and Islamic cultures further refined the harvesting and manufacturing of perfumery processes to include other aromatic ingredients.

Thus, the ancient Islamic culture marked the history of modern perfumery with the introduction of spices and herbs. Fragrances and other exotic substances, such as

Jasmine and Citruses, were adapted to be harvested in climates outside of their indigenous Asia.

perfu-creed said...

Choosing the right perfume can be difficult and because it is also considered an intimate gift buying the wrong perfume can backfire on you and get you the opposite result of that which you hoped for.

The first thing you need to do is do some homework, meaning research. Look at your lady's perfume bottles, the ones that are nearly empty will be her favorites. If there is one there that is nearly full chances are she doesn't wear it often or doesn't like it. Hint around and ask her what types of fragrances she likes and dislikes.

Humans are very sensory oriented and our sense of smell is no different. Certain perfumes can elicit strong reactions in both the wearer and the person reacting to the scent. Perfumes are made not only to attract but to also relax someone. If you aren't totally sure what kind of perfume to buy you can always play it safe and get something in the aromatherapy line. If you go this route, bear in mind that vanilla scents are considered to relax and a peppermint or lemon scent will be more stimulating.