Saturday, June 07, 2008

I-Cord Knitting Machine

I have just purchased an Embellish Knit i-cord knitting machine. I have been wanting one ever since I saw Betz White use one during her pincushion tutorial on the Martha Stewart show. I opened the packet and, after a few cranks on the handle, got it going fairly easily. I made this pile of i-cord with the yarn provided, which would have taken a few hours if hand knit, in just a few minuets.

One thing I noticed is that the tension of my cord is a bit uneven in a few places. I think this is because I waited a while to move the weight up the cord. This is not a major issue and I will be sure to remember to change the position of the weight more frequently.

This little machine only has four stitches and uses sport weight yarn or thinner. I think I may get one of theses little machines or possibly this one too. I think they will be a great help for making knitted toys.


Tommy said...

It's OK but not a very strong machine. I broke one right after I bought it. And the yarn has to be slippery. The little "Grabbers" are just too fragile.

Sandra Semkiw said...

I find this tool work very well with DMC embroidery floss and the thicker, glossy hanks sold next to floss