Saturday, February 09, 2008

Knitting Patterns for Valentine's Day round-up

My family always exchanges token gifts for Valentine's Day. It is a fun way to remind them how much you love them and how important they are. In my attempt to keep up with the Handmade Pledge, I am going to make little gifts for my family.

Here are a few links for quick Valentine knitting patterns that should all take less than a day to make.

Hearts from Mochimochi Blog
Heartfelt from Berroco
Valentine Candy Pillow from Domiknitrix
Heart Sachet by Vicki Sever for Interweave Knits
Love Rocks! Mitred Heart Neck Garland from Vickie Howell
Heart Cloth from Purple Duckie
Crest of the Wave from Baxter Knits
Lace Heart Bookmark from Page by Page
Peruvia Rose from Berroco
Calla Lillies by Heather Broadhurst for Knitty
Flower Corsage by Rachel Henderson for I Love Knitting
Knitted Flower by Strikkelise
Perky Poppy Pins by
Nora Rezzatano for Mag Knits
Knitted Rose Pin by Knittingknonsense


Colorado Knitter said...

Thank You! After reading your post I got really excited about making Valentine's Day special this year.

knitting dragonfly said...

Thanks a million ,I needed some ideas and am short on time...This is great.
Happy Valentines Day

domiKNITrix said...

Subject: Re: QUESTION, Valentine Heart Pillow

Hi Ansley

I tried to email in reply to your question, but got an error message from Yahoo saying there was a problem. So I'm trying to reach you here instead, since this is a Valentine's project and that's tomorrow!

You asked:
How much yarn for the Valentine's pillow?

I said:
Oh my goodness, that's not included under the yarn details in the pattern?!? I'm sorry I don't
have a copy with me to check, but I definitely used two balls of the GGH Muench Goa for each pillow, with just a little left over.

For the embroidery yarn, one ball is enough to do many pillows, but don't skimp out and get the cotton embroidery floss just because you can get it in tiny amounts; it absolutely stinks for this project. Wool is best, something fluffy at least if you won't use wool. Shiny smooth yarn sinks into the stitches and is frustrating to use for this item.

Hope that helps,