Friday, June 22, 2007

Cardboard furniture for kitties

I have been thinking about what type of furniture to get for my two cats, Mika & Lula. I have always liked the idea of some sort of structure of cats, but totally hate carpet covered high-rise "kitty condos" such as these.

Recently I have come across some really nice structures that are made of cardboar
d. As my budget will not allow for most of these, they are great inspiration. Also, I will have something to do with all those leftover cardboard boxes after the move.

First is this
Kittypod cat bed, the Prrounge, and Couchette, all by Elizabeth Paige Smith over at love that cat.

Second there are these "Nap" cat trees over at Branch (via treehugger).

Third is this neat sweet lounge and cheeky chaise by Marmalade Designs at Amazon.

Fourth, there is this great circular cat bed from maocat, which I saw at last December's Bazaar Bizarre in LA.

Finally, there is this Cat Cocoon over at pimp pets.

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