Monday, December 18, 2006

My favorite felt artists

Whether it be made from loose fibers, knit, crochet, or commercially made, I adore felt. Creating a fabric by wadding up a bunch of fibers seems like magic. I have created a few knit and hand felted items, like this, and this, in addition to a few scarves, but would like to explore the medium more. Here is a list of a number of felt artists that I find truly inspirational.

Lizzie Houghton
Gail Crossman Moore
Thomas Horst
Natalya Pinchuk
Jeung-Hwa Park
Ann Kyyro Quinn
Latifa Medjdoub
Sonya Mackintosh
Nicole Chazaud Telaar

The International Felt makers Guild has some good resources too. What felt artists do you like? The rose in the photo was created from a Two Old Bags pattern.


Fay Lynn said...

I love this felt and freeform crochet artist on flickr.

I want to have a ottoman from Nicole!!! Or a rug!! Or just about anything!!

Anonymous said...

check out this website, the felt is amazing

Elk said...

Hiya. I'm just discovering the wonders of felt and recently found this artist. Her works are so full of texture and movement I have to keep going back to look.
Heres the website

Caroline Thomas said...

Have you checked out Jan Waller at Love.Make.Think - I LOVE her work!